Music has been a part of my heart and soul for as long as I can remember.

I was blessed to grow up in a city like Cleveland, Ohio where amazing music was prevalent in all walks of life. The birthplace of Rock and Roll, Cleveland is also home to the illustrious Cleveland Orchestra, countless music venues big and small, and some of the greatest musicians on the face of this earth. This town, coupled with parents who filled our home daily with the sounds of the 60s & 70s, infused my spirit with a passion for musical expression.

Ameranouche at Brothers Lounge

As a youngster, well before I could drive, I would walk the three miles from my home on the western edge of Lakewood to the Phantasy Theater to catch my favorite local acts. The majority of the income from my first job at a record store went right back to purchasing and experiencing live music. I still possess the ticket stubs from – virtually – all of the concerts I attended that actually provided one.

When my own artistic expression grounded itself in the forms of photography and written word, it was only natural for me to focus in on capturing and sharing my experience of the music I love.

From local jam nights in the early 2000’s to headlining acts at the biggest local arenas, my work captures the spirit of music. In a frozen image or carefully chosen word, it shares the history of the music of this town. Through my coverage of live performances the notes from the stage continue to reverberate long after the sound has faded.